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    Ms. Sumita Sen Mazumdar
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    April 16, 2021 | In Blog


The moment we are born, the competition begins; to survive at first and then a fight to thrive. The world has limited resources we are told; finding a spot at that coveted playschool is difficult, good schools fill up quickly for admissions, worthwhile college programmes have fierce contenders for a few spots and dream jobs have a sea of candidates you have to get past to get in. Then comes the struggle for recognition or job promotions and so it continues. Success is marked by material milestones, mostly. 


What’s the point of all this, though? For the sake of what other people think? If your raison d’être is linked to the number of social media followers you have and their adulation in the form of online endorsement, you might want to reevaluate a few things to prevent a massive disillusionment later on. Also, what’s the point of struggling in the proverbial rat race and getting that dream job that isn’t really your dream to begin with? 


If you must compete, compete with yourself.

healthy competition is about competing against oneself

The quantum of improvement does not matter, as long as you consciously work on improving yourself. The satisfaction that comes from winning a competition is short-lived. Soon there is pressure to also win the next one and the next. If you can’t retain your ‘spot’ there is a feeling of guilt or failure or ‘letting someone down’ which is actually uncalled for. This kind of pressure takes the joy out of living. It is also pointless. You may be the best at something today, but tomorrow someone else could break your record. That is a fact of life. So, rather than setting yourself up for major disappointment later on, it’s a lot easier if you just decide to do your personal best and let the chips fall where they may. Life is a lot more enjoyable that way. Learn to take the pressure off of yourself. Do not give in to social pressure whirlpools. Trying to keep up with the Joneses isn’t worth the effort, not at the cost of your peace of mind.


Find out what makes you happy. Find a field of study that interests you or a career path that lets you make a decent living but does not quaff your sense of joy. When you do find your path, focus on how you can better yourself, not on how to win the first prize or shine for company-wide recognition. Those things may come as a natural consequence once you happily give your all to something you love to do, but don’t chase after them. Glory, just for the sake of it, is never worth the chase. A lot of successful young people get caught up in the race to stay ahead and when they can’t, are severely disappointed, often even losing their will to live. 


if you are better today than yesterday, you are already a winner

Nothing is worth that kind of pressure to compete. Live life your way and at your pace. Focus on your happiness and your ability to make those around you happy too, and compete only against yourself, no one else. 

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