Cambridge IGCSE, Advanced Subsidiary(AS) and Advanced(A) Level exams are of international standards – reliable, challenging and rigorous. At TIPS, Cambridge learners own the learning process and take up these board exams given the accessibility levels, subject choices, resources and teaching – all mapped to their learning styles and interests. By the end of the A level programme, students are prepared for university and a career invariably through their subject learning skills in addition to their 21st century skills, all embedded in the curriculum and tested through board exams. Deep subject knowledge, conceptual understanding and higher order thinking skills are assessed to test new thinking in unfamiliar contexts which makes it more challenging to approach. For example – let’s take a look at how physics builds challenge and curiosity in IGCSE and AS and A Level. In Grade 10, IGCSE physics requires students to complete and pass in 3 papers – Paper1 – Multiple choice Paper2 – Structured questions Paper3 – Practicals or alternative to practicals (Experimental skills) In the next stage – Grade 11 and 12 AS and A level physics – students have to complete and pass in five papers Paper1- Multiple choice – AS Level Paper2- Structured questions _ AS Level Paper3 – Advanced Lab/Practical Skills(beyond subject content) – AS Level Paper4- Structured questions – A Level Paper5 _ Planning, Analysis and Evaluation (beyond subject content) – A Level We congratulate and celebrate every learner for embracing this journey without fear!

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