Celebration - A collection of happy moments
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Celebration is life’s frosting: Isn’t frosting the best part of the cake? – Bethenny  Frankel

Life is a celebration of happy moments. It is an attitude that brings out the charm and excitement in people. But we live life in a constant rush of doing things and never really stop to reflect and count our blessings. Let us not wait to have it all. It’s an opportunity to appreciate the positive side of life with joy and gratitude. Celebrations are often reasons for bringing family and friends together, thereby creating a strong bond of togetherness. It is never too late to start celebrating every step of our journey. Life is full of opportunities. Let us use it to create a life that feels good on the inside and not just the one that looks good on the outside.



 When life becomes overwhelming, it becomes easy to stay in a monotonous routine. Let’s not get stagnated. Life is a celebration when you choose to celebrate all of it. To begin with, wake up with a grateful heart that will feed every corner of your life with bliss. Practice inculcating peace and happiness every day because it can be so empowering. And the best way to master the art is to fake it until you make it. Big or small, any celebration is about taking the time to notice the good stuff in your life. After all, what is life if we do not stop and reflect on it? Let us use it to create a life that feels good on the inside and not just the one that looks good on the outside. Moments like these can plump up the positive emotions to pause and celebrate life. 



Happiness is something that multiplies when being divided  – Paulo Coelho

Adding value into the lives of others shows that you care without the expectation of a return on your investment. An act of expressing one’s joy is to share it with the people around us. We all benefit from someone’s contribution every day. Therefore, it is indeed to pay forward by adding value to the people in our life whenever we can. The truth is, we all gravitate to where we feel valued most. Life is a celebration. Make it worthwhile by not only celebrating the little things but also the people in our life. There’s something always satisfying about making a difference in someone else’s life. Celebrations don’t have to be limited to a particular occasion. We must understand it is an essential part of living a balanced life. 



Do you appreciate the opportunity to share and celebrate a special moment with those you love? If that is the case, then festivals keep us attached to relationships in a bond of love. It creates a sense of unity because life is a celebration with discipline and motivation. A special day arouses a feeling of happiness in which you free your mind of everything and enjoy it to the maximum. And what better way to celebrate it than with your family and friends? Every festival has a significance of its own related beautifully to life. Besides fun and frolic, it is an opportunity to teach our kids about values and beliefs. Celebrations make life more meaningful and enjoyable thus, giving the feeling of oneness. 



While the world continues to battle against the pandemic, it is essential to find a balance between celebrations and at the same time ensure safety. Virtual is become the new normal and a demanding social custom. The global lockdowns have brought life to a standstill for many across the globe. However, a pandemic is no excuse to shy away from our celebration of festivals. Despite that, it is essential to practice hygiene principles to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe. It does not mean that we must stop celebrating. If we can practice caution, we can plan how to balance safety and celebration. Online celebrations are a great way to stay connected with our loved ones while ensuring safety. Life is a celebration – if we are mindful to enjoy it in the present. Even though times are strange, we can still share, celebrate and connect virtually.


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