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The invention of the internet has led to an unexpected revolution with constructive advancements, efficiency in work flow, virtual connections and effective digital communications. Who would have thought about the internet occupying such a prominent position in our lives? We search, find, collect, analyse, interpret, edit, store and share all sorts of information online with little hassle. The 21st century is called the ‘digital era’ because people have adopted a lifestyle that gives more importance to technology, science and their advancements. When such advancements are utilised for educational purposes, mostly productive results are obtained. TIPS, in December 2018, adopted an online learning management system called LMS to administer, monitor and regulate various beyond-the-classroom activities for students.


“If you want to teach people a new way of thinking, don’t bother trying to teach them. Instead, give them a tool, the use of which will lead to new ways of thinking.”      
~ R. Buckminster Fuller


The concept of managing a few administrative activities, mostly involving online data sharing, was put to action by a few experts at TIPS in December 2018. They developed a platform that supported various plannings, learnings and collaborations and named it TIPS LMS (Learning Management System).

LMS supports teachers and students

Through this medium, one can upload files/links/any resource material needed for communication. Different departments in TIPS got connected through TIPS LMS and made their communications effective and efficient.


By June 2019, TIPS extended LMS applications to its students to carry out an extended and extensive learning and teaching environment. This supported students to learn even outside their physical classrooms.



“Life is an unpredictable event.”


How true can the above statement get? The 2020 pandemic shook the world. Every industry, every group of people stood still, not knowing how to respond to the sudden pause laid on their lives.


However, the course of students and teachers had a dramatic change. Online classes became an unavoidable solution, in fact the only apt one to keep the channel of education live. TIPS had a ready team of experts who expanded the applications of LMS in just 3 days to support 600 active portals and 4000+ users. It also got all of its students and teachers on one platform to boost their interactions apart from their online class hours. TIPS LMS is supported by a dedicated server present inside the campus and a massive cloud storage for backups.



Teachers use LMS to post assignments and various resource materials for their students, while students respond to them by submitting the assignments and downloading the resource materials for references. Even different self-created and recorded dance, yoga, physical education, music, drama, media programmes and career guidance videos are uploaded on LMS to keep the students engaged in extracurricular activities. These videos virtually substitute the physical classroom learnings. Even a demo video on how to access LMS is uploaded on YouTube to guide the newcomers with its procedure and usage.


In short, TIPS Learning Management System is an online portal that supports teachers in their teaching practices and students in their learning process.


“Let’s get connected through LMS to get adapted to the evolving phase of education.”


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