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TIPS trichy

“Education opens the door to a better future” This vision of TIPS fires enthusiasm for a holistic approach to education, which extends beyond our regular classrooms and embraces a wide range of extracurricular activities. These include sports, nature trips, arts and crafts, music, drama, dance and exploratory excursions. By providing well-rounded experiences, we support Tipsians to develop their potential.

As part of our age-appropriate curriculum, we offer IB (pre-primary and primary levels), CAIE and CBSE (middle school and secondary levels). Exploration, innovative problem solving, independent expression, collaboration, decision making, action taking are actively encouraged through our teaching methodologies. Learners become informed, confident, active and determined to aspire and inspire. TIPS Trichy, with a campus that provides the ambience for an aesthetically chartered school campus, prepares learners to face the challenges of the future through extraordinary education, exposure and experience.

Join The Indian Public School, Trichy, and be part of our cohesive community.