“Once upon a time” – Storytelling Workshop for Parents

Story telling workshop Once upon a time was held at TIPS KG campus on 22nd February 2020. 55 parents from different schools of Erode attended this workshop. The story tellers of TIPS captivated all, with stories that were presented dramatically, softly, in a song and with puppets.

This workshop brought about beautiful understanding in the participants that everybody can tell a story. Tools like voice modulation, hand gestures, facial expressions, etc. were explained using some captivating stories. Use of handmade puppets which children love was appreciated by all. To teach a fact to a child, it can be converted into a story. To bring about life to a small story, it can be stretched with lots of sounds, actions and songs. Bed time stories have to be ended in a positive note. Teaching children values, difference between good and bad can be done with a story. Read loudly is equally beneficial as telling stories.

After attending the workshop, some parents shared their learning by telling stories to each other from hundreds of story books that they picked up from our school library.

Stories open the door to the outside world for our little children.

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