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Education must not only boost one’s ability to solve an equation but should also train one to master the laws of the playground, and that’s exactly what TIPS is up to. Students are offered regular PT periods in school because they are not machines who should only be accustomed to scoring marks and learning subjects. Instead, they should learn to unwind the mind from the stereotype study practices by trying out various field sports and mind games to be active, energetic, and healthy. Sports at TIPS is always intense and diverse, with a team of experienced faculty members and a calendar of varied sports events. TIPS also promotes after-school sports training from Monday-Friday, and also on Saturday mornings in collaboration with the Youth Sports Programme [YSP].


Sports for students in TIPS is not limited but is more flexible and efficient. There’s cricket to help students hit hard and field, basketball for aiming the basket, football/soccer for placing a goal, volleyball to make the ball reach over the net, table tennis to make you play on small grounds, tennis to test your stamina, badminton to help your feathers reach heights, swimming to muscle your moves, and field/athletics to make you run till you reach the end line. Indoor games like chess and carrom train the young mind to solve the unsolvable. However, students have the privilege to choose the sport they like.



TIPS has one of the most dedicated teams for sports training to make passionate students the next Olympians. Each sport has a team of 2-3 trained experts who are not mere staff but an inspiration, and a friend to the students. They mentor and mold the sporting spirit in each of the Tipsians. There are both male and female PT trainers who work tirelessly to make both students and teachers play, have fun, and also learn and succeed.

TIPS promotes inter-house tournaments on all spheres to keep the competitive spirit alive. Teachers’ sports at TIPS extends to inter-departmental tournaments, exclusively for all teaching and non-teaching staff. TIPS also induces healthy competition between various school students by supporting Sahodaya tournaments in and out of its campus. Every year, it has its intramural annual athletic meet called the ‘Annual Sports Meet’ that tests its students’ athletic skills and treats them with memories, appreciations, and lessons first and medals last.


TIPS has produced many Sahodaya players over the past couple of years. It has been a backbone for numerous international tennis, and chess players who have been able to burnish their academic careers and get crowned for their accomplishments in sports. Infrastructure at TIPS also acts as the perfect pillar for creating an environment that’s sports-friendly. TIPS always keeps the energy on the campus alive by making its learning more fun, students more equipped, teachers more friendly, and games more professional.

“Sweat while you practise, to smile when you win.”


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