a reunion of ex-tipsians - TIPS Alumni meet 2018
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It takes immense courage to wave goodbye to something you love, but it takes even more strength to look back at it and extend a hello, all over again. School days are the nurturing, interesting, exciting and genuine days when you are still a kid with more friends than your bags could hold. You meet new souls, connect with similar minds and make memories with your favourite beings. All of these need not necessarily happen only at school, but the ones that happen there are the best.

There’s a reason why people say “School friends are emotions.” It is because our school friends have known us from the time we began moulding ourselves to be better adults and even if we had failed in achieving it, we’d still have our school friends to stand by us, smiling. Life is a pretty big race and to travel without these cute little friends will be hard. However, a reunion is to celebrate such friendships at a place where it all bloomed.


TIPS has been a platform for many students to find themselves and their replicas too.


ex-tipsians meet up to share their journeys at TIPSE

Each batch of students leaves with a heavy heart, not just because they can’t wear their school uniforms anymore but because they can’t see their best friends in those uniforms.

A life after school changes an individual dramatically. People travel to new places for their higher education and they get to meet their school friends only on special occasions/some random days.

One fine day in December 2018, TIPS decided to bring its old students back together, to celebrate their stories, lives, friendships, and the bond they had with the school and its entities. That’s when the ‘TIPS Alumni Meet 2018’ happened.


The Alumni Meet at TIPS was an event that touched many hearts because over 6 batches of students took part in it. The auditorium echoed “Welcome Back!”, while the expressions on hundreds of familiar faces replied, “It’s always good to be back!”


a reunion of old friends with their teachers created emotional moments at TIPS Alumni meet 2018

Few friends met after years, teachers met their students and exclaimed, “You’ve grown so much!” Even our backroom heroes met their student buddies after a long time and said to them, “I’m glad to see you flourish.”

The orchestra played its playlist and the dancers danced to the beats while the alumni’s thoughts flashed back.


By the end of the day, all the racing hearts, jumping emotions and frozen thoughts were given a DJ floor to dance to the tunes of their present moments.

Everyone danced like there was no tomorrow. Teachers, heads, students, alumni and all those who were inside the auditorium danced till the beats stopped.

The beginning of an end is again the toughest situation to handle.

Hundreds of hugs, silent cries, passionate stares and vivid smiles were all captured in the reels of flashback, but the moments that each one carried in their hearts were heavier.

As the Alumni Meet came to an end, the ex-Tipsians waved goodbyes while a few legs were reluctant to exit the campus.

Standing outside the main gate, with arms around their best friends, they gave one last look at the institution that had given them some unforgettable memories and unbreakable friendships, and whispered with a big smile, “Until next time!”

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