The joy of finishing school is often subdued by the anxiety and apprehension over what is to be done next. Students and parents find themselves fretting over an endless array of career options, best institutes and popular courses, even before the child enters 9th grade.

It is imperative for students to identify their aptitudes, interests, career goals and aspirations in order to make well-informed decisions concerning higher education.

The school not only aims at preparing students academically but also in guiding them towards a rewarding and satisfying higher education and career. Hence, the school has commissioned TIPS Career Guidance Placement Services for the sole purpose of guiding and counseling students for higher studies leading to their career choice. The main objective of the Career Guidance Placement Services is:

  • Working towards developing clarity of purpose in the student’s mind about their academic goals and professional choices.
  • Facilitating and motivating the students to shortlist good – fit colleges, universities and institutions for higher studies in India and abroad.
  • Providing updated and latest information on changes in International and National application process, SAT exams, application deadlines and guidelines for college applications.
  • Guiding students with the nuances of writing effective College Essays, Personal Statements (Statement of Purpose) and also coordinating with teachers and students for recommendation letters as per the college requirements.
  • Counseling and guiding the students to link their career choices backwards to their higher education plans and further, to their subjects/streams after Grade VIII for IGCSE and Grade X (for CBSE and Cambridge AS & A level).
  • Organizing student development workshops, University Road Shows, College Fairs, University Visits and talks by eminent persons so as to expand the horizon of opportunities.
  • Reviewing all college applications and personal resume and achieve the strongest possible application.
  • Creating and maintaining a network of TIPS Alumni to extend our connection beyond school and for the statistics of the placements after their Grade 12.

TIPS has proudly partnered with Univariety – a Singapore based organization that mentors students and ensures that they have multiple higher study options (both domestic and international) to choose from. Univariety provides a support system to the school counselor to manage all the senior students in a systematic manner. Additionally, our students and parents can also interact with the Univariety team of experts continuously through an online system linked to the school website.