As a part of the inquiry on production, distribution and consumption of goods & services, the students applied math and economics concepts of Profit/Loss. The culmination of their learning was exhibited as ‘Market Day’ on 25th Jan.2020, wherein they put up stalls to sell different products. The consumer had been parents, students from secondary years and facilitators. The students of Gr.5 ended up with a profit of Rs.66,400 which the students decided to contribute to Atchayam Trust – an NGO which is actively working towards creation of beggar free community.

With this happiness, Dr.Shiv Kumar Chinnusamy – Managing Director of TIPS & Managing Trustee of Arram Charity Trust provided a monthly cheque of Rs.20000 to Atchayam Trust towards their operational expenses. The respective amount of Rs.20000 will be paid henceforth to Atchayam Trust every month through Arram Charity Trust!

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