TIPSIANS at KIFA 2019 Football Trials and Training in England

KIFA – Karhya International Football Academy partnered with TIPS presented Football Trails and Training in England from 26th October to 3rd November 2019 at Moyles Court School, Hampshire, England under the leadership of Principal coach, Andrew Bell, a UEFA ‘B’ Licensed Football coach. The aim of this programme is to promote English football training and developmental support to interested students and players. A week inside the camp, our young players were taught skills and drills like Individual Techniques, Dribbling, Turning, Passing and Receiving, Defending, Finishing and Goalkeeping. Further, trained Tactical Sessions – Patterns of Play, Phases of Play, Team Shape, Counter Attacking and Pressing. To ensure the needs of every level of player, coaching sessions were interspersed with practice matches, technical tests and daily briefings to help the players become confident of their skills. We TIPSIANS always believe in laying continuous emphasis on sports activities as an integral part of the curriculum. Congratulations to our football champs and wish them all success

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